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17 Oct 08 ECO Demo Script

Demo ortamına aşağıdaki bilgilerle giriş yapılır.

Field Value
Responsibility Manufacturing and Distribution Manager
Org M1
  • (N) > Engineering > ECOs > ECOs

ECO’da numarayı otomatik vermek için

ECO oluşturuyoruz.

ECO Approval List alanındaki tanımlara aşağıdaki alandan ulaşıyoruz.

CB-M1-1 ECO numarası

The workflow is working with the Type and the priority – this is the only combination we have defined and is for a proof of concept more then anything else.

Değiştirmek istediğimiz kalem:


This is the item or assembly that you will be changing. You may chose any other defined item.

You can define an alternate to change as well if you have alternate boms – You can create a new revision if need be as well enter the effective date. The MRP Flag will allow MRP to plan using this data.

Talk about the tabs across the top – Dates – will provide you with an Early effective date – this is the earliest the ECO can be implemented.

Use Up tab – you can define a specific component and mrp plan combination that will calculate the use up date for that component. This will be come the effective date for the ECO. If the plan is rerun and the date is changed, the planner will receive a notification – but the ECO will not be automatically changed. This provides the client with the ability to deplete stock to the lowest levels prior to cut over reducing obsolescence.

You may wish to show the View Discrete Jobs menu option in the Tools menu. This will display all of the wip jobs the item being revised is on.

Work in Process tab allows you to communicate the Use up details. This is a memo only with no functionality behind it.

Daha sonra Companent detaylarını gireriz..

Field Value
Action Change
Component CM96717
Op Seq Old By simply clicking in this field it will populate
Quantity (New) Enter a quantity different from the current quantity

AT22124 ürün ağacı altında bulunan CM96717 bileşenini değiştirmektir amacımız 🙂

OP Seq ve Quantity miktarları otomatik olarak rotadan ve ürün ağacından gelir. Değiştirilmek istenirse New kısmına giriş yapılır.

Comments kısmına açıklama yapılır. Bu açıklama onay verirken görülür.

Ana ekrana dönülüp Submit tuşuna basılır.

The Approval Status will change to Approval Requested.

The Workflow is now taking over. You may wish to discuss the different options for processing either voting, serial or parallel processing, the ability to define time limits and promotion activities etc.

You are done at this point. You may wish to recap what you’ve done.

Şimdi onaylama mekanizmasını çalıştırmak amacıyla MFG welcome ile sisteme giriş yapıyoruz.

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