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05 Feb 09 Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling Features

The Manufacturing Scheduling product provides the following features:

  • Graphically view shop floor jobs, operations, and resources
  • User friendly drag and drop mechanism to reschedule jobs, operations, and resources
  • Fully integrated with Oracle Work in Process
  • Ability to select the primary objective of work in process scheduling
  • Ability to schedule jobs based on available resources and material
  • Ability to reschedule jobs due to resource and material shortages (machine breakdown, employee sickness, material availability)
  • Ability to maintain schedules
  • Adjustable bucket sizing that affects the Gantt chart and associated resource load versus capacity view
  • Simultaneous and alternate resources invoked during high demand or when a resource is unavailable
  • Ability to simulate capacity changes, or dragging and dropping to simulate load changes on the Scheduler Workbench
  • Modeling features for creating a prototype for scheduling
  • Minimum transfer quantities for operations to move a portion of some assemblies to a subsequent operation rather than waiting for the entire quantity to complete
  • Resource batching to use resources across multiple jobs simultaneously, preventing a resource from being under utilized
  • Ability to dispatch jobs to instances of machines
  • Ability to group and sequence jobs based on setup changeovers
  • View job related sales order and customer information on the workbench
  • Oracle Shop Floor Management enabled so you can schedule discrete jobs on the Scheduler Workbench created in lot based organizations
  • Integrated with Oracle Enterprise Asset Management for scheduling maintenance of assets

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